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Some people find motorcycle riding immensely appealing. Intimacy with the natural environment and maneuverability offers obvious thrills. However, you have to watch out for yourself. You’re physically exposed on your bike. Safe riding habits and your vigilance for danger will defend you from accidents. And make no mistake. Motorcycle accidents are not pleasant, and you could end up with a higher accident insurance premium. If your injuries are severe, you may need an injury lawyer to help you access compensation to cover your medical bills and other losses.

Why Defensive Riding Is So Important

An analysis of crash data by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showed a stark difference between a passenger vehicle and motorcyclist fatalities. In 2019, people died on motorcycles at 29 times the rate of passenger vehicle occupants per miles driven. That same year, about 84,000 motorcyclists suffered injuries, representing a 2% increase over 2018 injuries. Sadly, 5,014 motorcyclists passed away in crashes that year.

Top Tips for Safe Motorcycle Riding

You have many strategies to draw upon to lower your motorcycle accident risk. Motorcycle accident attorneys in Las Vegas will strongly encourage you to do all of the following.

1. Wear Your Helmet

Nevada law requires you and your motorcycle passengers to wear helmets. The National Safety Council reports that helmets achieve an estimated 37% efficacy against death in accidents. Wearing your helmet might also improve your legal position when seeking an insurance settlement after a motorcycle wreck, and it shows that you were compliant with an important safety law.

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2. Wear High-Visibility Colors

Motorists don’t want to hit you, but too many accidents happen due to a driver simply not seeing the biker. As a smaller object than a passenger vehicle, you are already facing an uphill battle regarding visibility on your motorcycle. A brightly colored jacket or helmet could spare you a bunch of misery.

3. Slow Down

Speeding always increases the risk of accidents and bad injuries, whether you’re riding a motorcycle or driving a passenger vehicle. You should be mindful of road conditions and adjust your speed down on slick roads.

4. Choose Freeways When Possible

Although this advice appears to contradict the advice to slow down directly, the high speeds of the freeway are mitigated by restricted access and one-way traffic. In 2007, the NHTSA published a study that concluded that 91% of motorcycle-passenger vehicle collisions occurred on non-interstate roads. Almost 60% of motorcycle collisions with passenger vehicles happen on urban streets.

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5. Stay Out of Other Drivers’ Blind Spots

In traffic, especially at intersections, stay close to the front fender of the car next to you. This position keeps you visible to the driver, and you can use the vehicle as a shield from cross traffic.

6. Always Watch for Drivers to Violate Your Right of Way

Turning into the path of a motorcycle that had the right of way is a common scenario for a motorcycle accident. This happens because drivers don’t see you or misjudge how fast you are approaching. You must always be on guard against a vehicle that could cross your path even when it’s not supposed to.

Defensive riding will increase your safety, but you also must avoid risky behaviors that contribute to motorcycle crashes.

Major Risks for Motorcyclists

Las Vegas is a popular destination for motorcyclists due to its abundance of clear weather, dry roads, and tourist attractions. However, ample opportunities to consume alcohol create temptations that lead to people getting on their motorcycles when intoxicated.

Riding sober is one of the best things you can do to keep yourself safe. The NHTSA has documented a clear association between drinking and a greater risk of crashing on a motorcycle. In 2019, motorcyclists in fatal accidents were more likely to have alcohol in their systems than any other type of driver on the road. Among the unfortunate people who died in single-motorcycle accidents, a full 42% of them had been impaired by alcohol.

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If you collide with another vehicle, the car accident lawyer representing the other driver will be very interested to find out if you were drinking. Evidence that you had been drinking could make you responsible for the accident.

Las Vegas, by its very nature, invites people to cut loose. You have to be careful not to get too enthusiastic while riding your motorcycle in the city. Your excitement for a fun night on the town should never override prudent driving behaviors. You must continue to monitor your speed and change lanes with care or risk ending up in the hospital.

Driver distraction is another traffic problem in Las Vegas. This glitzy city wants everyone’s attention, but you have to stay focused on traffic. Bright, flashing lights and street performances can easily distract you. Try to take in the sights while stopped at red lights.

As a 24-hour town, Las Vegas makes it easy to miss sleep. All motorists should be adequately rested when operating any vehicle as a lack of sleep inhibits your reaction time. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 24 hours without sleep affects you in a way similar to having a blood alcohol concentration of 0.10%.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Las Vegas

Despite your best efforts to reduce your risk of a motorcycle accident, you don’t have total control over what can happen. Many motorcycle accident victims did nothing wrong but still suffered terrible injuries. Serious injuries produce high medical bills and result in lost income until you can get back to work. Sadly, not every victim recovers fully. Disability adds to the lifelong cost of a bad motorcycle accident.

If you are in this situation, an injury lawyer at Moss Berg can assist you with an insurance claim or lawsuit. Your insurer or the insurer of another driver may try to paint you as reckless just because you ride a motorcycle. We will combat unfair accusations about you and work hard to focus on the facts of the accident. To investigate sources of compensation after your accident, contact us for a free consultation.

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