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Grocery store accidents can range from a slip and fall that wrenches your back to an incident that leaves you recovering at home with multiple broken bones. Before scheduling an appointment with a lawyer, learn some of the steps associated with filing a lawsuit.

Legal Steps to Take After a Grocery Store Accident

Grocery stores are responsible for the safety of all customers that come through their doors. Leaving broken items on the floor, boxes in the middle of aisles and displays in dangerous spots around the store can all lead to injuries. After you experience a grocery store accident that leaves you with injuries, check out some of the steps you must take before filing a lawsuit.

Gather Your Evidence

The burden of proof often falls on the injured party and not on the store itself. This means that you must have evidence to document the injuries you sustained and how the accident occurred. Though you may not have a clear mind immediately after the accident, you should attempt to find witnesses who saw the incident and take steps to document the scene. Ask someone with you to photograph the area around where the accident occurred. Make sure to get the names and phone numbers of all witnesses too.

Talk to a Lawyer

It’s almost impossible to file a grocery store accident lawsuit without first meeting with a personal injury lawyer. Your lawyer is the one responsible for filing the paperwork in court and preparing you for your first appearance in front of the judge. A lawyer may even work out a settlement agreement with the grocery store or its insurer that will let you avoid court and still get compensated. If the case does go in front of a judge, your lawyer can talk with witnesses and help you better prepare.

Broken Bones and Other Injuries

Injuries sustained in grocery store accidents can include broken bones, sprained muscles, concussions and even traumatic brain injuries. No matter what type of injuries you sustained, you can speak with a lawyer about whether you have a case against that grocery store for negligence.