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Learn what the law requires for a potential case or lawsuit if you need to seek damages or payment for medical expenses resulting from an injury taking place on poorly maintained property, whether commercial or residential.

Proving Liability Against a Property Owner for Your Injury

When you are visiting a residential or commercial property and become injured, you may incur significant medical costs. Even if you have health insurance, you may find yourself faced with high deductibles, coinsurance or co-payments that are more than you can afford. A personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas can help sort through your options and see if there is proof of liability against the property owner for your injury. Proving liability is necessary in order to receive damages for your case.

Business Properties

Business owners are required by law to make reasonable inspections so that they are aware of the condition of their property. This includes indoor and outdoor inspections. Commercial property owners are also required to make reasonable adaptations, such as putting a mat on the floor if the floor is wet. Business owners should also warn guests of possible dangers, such as putting up a “wet floor” sign. If these actions are not performed to the standard of the law, the owner may be liable.


Homeowners must also warn invited and uninvited guests of potential danger. For example, if there is a dangerous dog on the property, the homeowner must place a sign indicating that a dangerous dog is present. Once an invited or uninvited guest is warned, the homeowner is generally considered exempt from liability.

Unforeseen Dangers

Residential and commercial property owners might be liable for certain dangers that are not always present or that are not related to the condition of the property. For example, a business owner who knows there is criminal activity in the area may be held liable for bodily injury caused by a criminal on the premises. Similarly, a homeowner might be held liable for a trespassing child’s injury in a swimming pool.