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Adult Dependents: Are You Liable for What They Do in Your Home?

When minors commit a crime within your property, it is often the parent or guardian who will usually pay for any damages. However, this issue can quickly become cloudy when adult dependents either commit a crime or cause an accident within your home. Therefore, the following list includes a couple of things you should know about this very important legal issue.

The Simple Answer When It Comes to Adult Dependents

The simple answer to this question regarding the fault of a crime or accident is that dependents living within your home, especially those who are adults, are liable for their actions. Although they are claimed by a parent or both parents within their tax documents, they are still technically adults and thus liable for their actions. This is the same thing as accumulating debt. Although they live inside your property, you are not liable for their debt. Note that although debts are not legally bonded to the homeowner, any damages made intentionally or unintentionally are sometimes directed towards the homeowner in the form of a lawsuit.

Homeowner’s Liability Insurance

So, if they are liable for their actions, does that mean you are free from liability charges? The reality, according to a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas, is that any party who has been hurt or affected financially by the dependent’s actions can file not only a lawsuit against the adult dependent but also yourself. Therefore, it is incredibly important to make sure that you are covered with a homeowner’s liability insurance. This type of insurance can protect you from a number of things. This may include pain and suffering caused by a dependent within the home, lost wages, and medical bills, to name a few.