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How the Judge Will Believe Your Compensation Claim

Your personal injury in Las Vegas may have turned into a workers compensation claim that requires a hearing. If so, you might have some apprehensions, especially if you’ve never been inside of a courtroom. It’s time to prepare.

Know What to Say Without Sounding Rehearsed

Your personal injury lawyer may help you with this. Don’t memorize your testimony verbatim as if you were just nominated for an acting award. However, you need to prioritize the points you must make when giving your testimony.

You will have to summarize how your injury occurred. Your lawyer may also help you prepare to explain how the injury has affected you in your daily life.

In addition, you will need to show what type of ongoing treatment is needed and ask witnesses to speak up for you. Any information about your current symptoms and limitations can help you win an injury compensation claim.

Make Sure Your Facts are Straight

Anyone can be nervous even if they are telling the truth. This could cause you to stumble over your words and provide an inconsistent testimony. Take a deep breath before you speak during your injury hearing. This will help you remain calm so that you can tell your story truthfully without embarrassing yourself. If you stay calm, you can share your facts just as you did when you make your original accident statement.

Remember You’re Under Oath

When you enter the courtroom, you will make a promise not to lie. If you do lie, you could be charged with perjury. Telling the truth takes less effort than making up a story that’s not factual. The judge is trained to distinguish between you being nervous and when you’re intentionally lying. Remember, you’re under oath. Any falsehoods you declare will hurt your chance of winning your workers compensation settlement.