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Motorcycle Safety Is About Protecting Your Body and Your Rights

While motorcycles are widely acknowledged as being the most fun you can have on two wheels, the safety perils are also broadly recognized. Nevada, like many states, requires riders to wear a helmet, and you probably are aware that gloves and boots are a good idea too. In your pocket, you have a license and insurance, of course. But what else do you need? How about contact info for a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas?

Get Medical Help Before You Need It

It doesn’t matter how you feel after you pick yourself up and dust yourself off. It doesn’t matter how pristine your gear seems to be. Your health is at great risk if you are not medically cleared immediately after a crash. Everyone has heard jokes about whiplash, but you’re also at risk for internal bleeding, traumatic brain injury, and joint damage. Don’t wait.

Call the Police Before You Need Them

It doesn’t matter who seems to be at fault. If there is a collision, it is important to get official documentation from the police for legal, medical, and insurance purposes. You need to find out what you are liable for to ensure that there aren’t any unpleasant surprises down the road.

Get a Lawyer Before You Need One

Emergency response is only the start, though. Once you’ve seen a doctor and spoke to the police, you need an expert to help you protect your rights when dealing with your insurance company, the other party, and the law. Be prepared by finding a trusted advisor before anything goes wrong.