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When the Other Driver Has No Auto Coverage

Those who are hurt in a car accident are generally entitled to compensation for their injuries. Typically, the other driver’s insurance company will help to pay some or all of the damages incurred. However, it is possible that the driver who caused the accident doesn’t have insurance. What happens in the event that someone is hurt by an uninsured motorist?

The Driver Could Choose to Pay Cash

The person who caused the accident could decide that he or she will reimburse an accident victim with cash. In a minor accident, an individual may choose to pay for property damage with cash even if he or she does have insurance. If a victim does seek compensation directly from another driver, that person should not accept any payment until after speaking with an attorney. This is because it can be difficult or impossible to know the true extent of any injuries incurred in the crash until months after it happens.

A Lien Could Be Placed on a Driver’s Property

If the driver who causes a crash chooses not to pay in cash, it may be possible to put a lien on his or her property. Ultimately, the property would be liquidated to pay for a new car, the cost of medical bills and any other damages related to the accident. Property that could be seized includes a house, car or bank account. If the driver who caused the crash owns a business, the business could be seized to pay damages owed.

Victims Are Still Entitled to Compensation

It is important for accident victims to remember that they are entitled to compensation regardless of the ability of a negligent party to pay. Working with Las Vegas injury attorneys may help an accident victim better understand his or her rights and how to preserve them.