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When an employee of the local mass transit authority causes an accident in which you are injured, you may not have the same rights as you would if a private citizen caused the accident.

What to Do When a Bus Driver Causes an Accident

A bus driver may cause an injury accident while on official business. A problem with the bus or poor driving could be the cause of the accident. If you are injured in an accident caused by a public bus driver, your rights may differ from your rights under other accident situations. Consulting with an accident lawyer in Las Vegas can familiarize you with your rights.

File a Police Report

Call for police at the scene of the accident to file a police report. The bus driver’s information will be taken by the police. The police make the determination of fault. If you had any liability in the accident, you might not be able to make any legal claims against the person or the bus agency. You will need the report for filing a claim with your insurance. Your lawyer can advise you if this is the case.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Your auto and medical insurance providers will want to know the contact information of the other driver. Be sure to mention that the person was driving a city bus and that he or she was on official business at the time of the accident. The agent may also determine liability in the accident.

Making a Claim

If your auto and medical policies pay for all of your bills, those agencies may file a subrogation claim against the driver, the driver’s insurance company or the public transit agency employing the driver. This will be handled by the agents and not by you or your lawyer. If your injuries are severe, your lawyer can advise you about making claims for pain and suffering above and beyond your medical and auto expenses.