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Steps to Take After a Dog or Cat Bite

Generally speaking, cats and dogs are docile family pets that want nothing more than to spend time on your lap. However, this doesn’t mean that they won’t take drastic steps to defend themselves or others if they feel threatened. If you aren’t careful, you could be the victim of a dog or cat bite, and that could set the stage for disfigurement, pain and an infection that can spread quickly.

Wash the Site of the Wound

The first thing that you need to do is wash the wound with soap and water. If the wound is especially large, try to find a cloth and put pressure on it to help the blood clot. As soon as you have thoroughly cleaned the bite area, apply a clean cloth or bandage to it and see your doctor right away. If your doctor is unavailable, take a trip to urgent care or to the emergency room.

Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

Regardless of who treats you, make sure to follow their orders as it relates to treating your injuries. For instance, if you are prescribed a round of antibiotics, be sure to take them until they are gone. If you are asked to come back for a rabies shot or other follow-up treatment, make sure to keep that appointment. Complying with the instructions of a medical professional makes it more likely that you recover in a timely manner and don’t experience any more effects from the bite itself.

Find the Owner or Handler of the Animal

Whoever owned or handled the animal at the time of the bite could be liable for paying your medical bills and other related expenses. Personal injury lawyers may be able to help you gather evidence that proves another person played a role in allowing an animal to commit an attack. If necessary, they can negotiate directly with other parties to come to a favorable outcome in the matter.