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Learn about some actions you can take if you experience an injury from an auto accident that is impacted by a manufacturer recall you were never notified about.

Get Representation for Injuries Caused By a Car Under Recall

From time to time, an automobile manufacturer may issue a recall due to a known or suspected defect in one or more parts of a car. You should be notified of a manufacturer recall either by the dealership where you purchased the car or by the manufacturer itself after registering the vehicle. If you experience an auto accident and are injured because of a recall, a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas may be able to help protect your rights.

Document the Defect

The first step in proving that your auto accident was the result of a part under recall is to have a mechanic document the defect. Even if your car was totaled in the accident, a mechanic should be able to look through the wreckage and determine if there was a defective part. The mechanic would have access to a complete listing of recalls related to the make and model of your vehicle and can check your vehicle against the known list of defects.

Contact the Dealership

You can also contact the dealership to find out about any recent manufacturer recall that could have affected your auto accident. In some cases, there is a delay in sending out notifications. The dealership may have further information about a recall for your make and model of vehicle.

Get Legal Representation

Once you know that your car was under a manufacturer’s recall, you may wish to get legal representation. Even with auto insurance, you may still have a considerable deductible, medical expenses, rental car fees, towing fees and other expenses related to your auto accident. An attorney may be able to help you to get reimbursed for your expenses, your missed time from work, and the pain and suffering caused by your injuries.