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If you are injured as the result of a boat operator’s negligence or a boater operating the craft while under the influence, you can take actions to protect your rights and financial well-being.

What to Do After an Injury From a Boating Accident

A weekend of leisurely boating or fishing can be a wonderful way to relax with family and friends. However, a boating accident could quickly lead to permanent disability and a lot of medical bills. If you have a boating accident injury, an accident lawyer in Las Vegas can help you learn your rights and represent you in court.

Contact the Authorities

There are different governing entities based upon the location of your accident. A river or small lake may be controlled by the wildlife and fisheries department or a natural resources division. Any accident that results in injuries should always be reported to the police. This is especially important if the operator of the boat was under the influence of alcohol, medications or illicit drugs at the time of the incident.

Get Witness Information

Get the contact information of the people you were with during the accident. In addition, try to get contact information of people on any other boats involved or nearby. If anyone on land witnessed the accident, get their contact information as well. Your attorney may wish to contact these individuals and get a deposition of what they saw before, during and after the accident that lead to your injury.

Get Treatment

Get treatment for your injuries and keep all documentation of every visit. You will need copies of your diagnoses, treatments, treatment plan and medications in order to negotiate a settlement with insurance companies and the at-fault party. The at-fault party may be held liable to pay for your medical bills, pain and suffering. He or she may have insurance that will cover your costs. If your bills are not promptly paid, you and your attorney might consider legal action such as a suit against the at-fault operator or the relevant insurance companies.