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Tips From Injury Lawyers Las Vegas: Ways to Protect Yourself From a Stray Dog

Stray dogs are known to roam around streets in public settings as they look for food or shelter. Although you may want to help the animal or find it a home, putting yourself in proximity to the dog can lead to an accident. If you want to protect yourself, there are a few steps to take when you come across a stray dog. Avoid turning your back on the animal. If the dog gets closer, avoid making any expressions to make it lose interest and walk away.

Give the Dog Something to Bite

Although it’s important to avoid getting too close to the animal, you can distract it by giving it something to bite. Consider giving the dog your backpack, a piece of food, or a belt before backing away. Giving the dog something that they’re more interested in will give you enough time to slowly flee the scene. If the animal ends up attacking or biting you, it’s important to call 911. If the stray dog has a tag, you can decide to press charges against the owner and contact an accident lawyer Las Vegas.

Prevent the Dog From Smelling Your Hand

You may want to make friends with a member of the stray dog population, but placing your hand out for it to smell can result in getting bit. Allow the dog to sniff you if it runs up, but avoid putting your arms or hands out. Sticking your hands out can also cause the dog to think that you’re about to be violent, which can increase your risk of an attack.

Use Mace or a Weapon

If you’re in the event of being attacked, you’ll need to use whatever you can to protect yourself and harm the stray dog. Try to kick the dog while protecting your head and face. You can also reach for a large object to swing at it as a threat or use mace to spray in its eyes if you have it on hand.