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How to Appeal a Workers’ Compensation Claim Denial

Perhaps you believed you provided enough evidence to prove your right to workers’ compensation benefits. However, you apparently didn’t convince the court of your entitlement, and now you have to appeal.

Review Guidelines Before Filing an Appeal

Hopefully, you filed your claim by the deadline the first time. If so, this will make your life and your Las Vegas lawyer’s job less stressful. If you did report the injury as soon as it happened, that also makes it possible for you to win your case the second time.

On the other hand, you might need to provide new evidence to the court that would help the judge make a more informed decision about your right to personal injury benefits. This would include any information you may have left out the first time concerning your whereabouts and when the injury occurred.

Meet With a Lawyer to Prepare for Appealing Your Case

Perhaps you did not hire a lawyer to help you during the first workers’ comp hearing. If not, you probably should not take this case to the appellate court without a personal injury attorney. You already received a denial once, so put your best foot forward this time. Any documentation, such as a timesheet or medical records, you did not bring to court the first time, you need to bring now. You also need to spend time preparing your testimony in case you feel nervous in court.

Persistence Sometimes Makes a Difference

Just because you received a denial letter does not mean you still can’t win your case. It just happens that way sometimes, and your appeal provides you with a second chance to win your claim for workers’ comp benefits. Just have confidence in the courtroom, and that alone can help increase your chances of winning your case.