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How to Stay Safe on a Construction Jobsite

Construction work is a dangerous job, and workers are at a high risk for job injury. However, the worker’s actions on the job may dictate whether or not a worker is able to receive compensation if they are hurt on the job. Therefore, it is necessary that construction workers focus intensely on their own safety while they are on the job site. A personal injury lawyer can advise on what type of worker negligence could disqualify them from receiving a settlement if they are hurt.

Stay Alert

Although many injuries result from the negligence of the employer, workers must be vigilant at all times in order to protect themselves. This includes paying attention continuously. It is best to keep any phone put away while on the jobsite. Texting while on the job increases the risk of injury by decreasing awareness of surroundings. This is all the more pronounced where there are hidden construction safety risks lurking around all corners. In addition, workers should either not listen to music at all or keep any sound very low.

Wear All Protective Clothing and Equipment

Personal protective gear can be burdensome at times, especially if the weather is warm. However, workers that are not wearing all of the necessary safety equipment stand a greater risk of being injured. In addition, employers may escape liability if a worker’s injury resulted from not wearing the appropriate equipment. Workers should take care to wear every piece of recommended gear no matter how uncomfortable it is. When on the job site, it is also important to know whether there is any specialized gear that is necessary when operating certain equipment and use that too.

Be Vigilant About Falls

The leading cause of injuries and death on construction sites is workplace falls. In order to lower the risk and increase job safety, it is necessary to take as many precautions as possible. The first step to avoiding falls is using all of the available safety equipment which includes harnesses. To the extent that you can hold onto a guardrail, you should do so. Pay extra attention to ladders, carefully inspecting it before climbing the ladder and keeping three points of contact on the ladder at all times.