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How to Safely Share the Road With Tractor Trailers

Eighteen-wheelers have a monstrous presence on the road. The sheer size and power of these vehicles can be quite intimidating. For good reason, motorists are encouraged to use extreme caution when driving near tractor trailers. Here are a few defensive driving tips to keep in mind.

Respect the Size of Big Tractor Trailers

Unsurprisingly, big trucks can’t stop nearly as quickly as a smaller vehicle. This is especially true during bad weather. Tractor-trailers are also prone to experiencing tire blowouts. For these reasons, always give truckers plenty of room. If a truck driver is following too closely behind you on the highway, move over to a free lane. Don’t take any unnecessary risks.

Stay Out of a Trucker’s Blind Spots

According to an experienced personal injury lawyer, it’s not uncommon for smaller vehicles to get lost in a tractor trailer’s blind spots. If you can’t see the truck’s mirrors, there’s a good chance the driver can’t see you. Make it a point to keep yourself visible. When passing a tractor-trailer, do so as quickly as possible. Hanging out in a truck’s blind spots puts you at a greater risk of getting sideswiped.

Never Cut Off a Trucker

Too many drivers make the mistake of cutting off truck drivers. Remember, a fully loaded tractor-trailer can easily weigh more than 60,000 pounds. You definitely don’t want to be in the path of such a massive vehicle. Although big rigs feature powerful air brakes, they can overheat. Be very careful about darting out in front of a truck that’s traveling downhill.