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How to Work Effectively With Your Lawyer

People who are retaining the services of a lawyer may be in the position of never having worked with them before. Here are some tips on how to work best with your attorney

Make Sure You Tell Them Everything

Injury lawyers can only help you if they know the facts of your case. The worst thing that you can do to a lawyer is to either tell them something incorrect or not give them all the facts of your case. Then, your ability to receive the best legal help is impeded and they will not have the upper hand when dealing with the insurance company or the other side. Surprises are a bad thing for lawyers because they can lose credibility if they learn about something for the first time from someone else

Hear the Hard Truths

Your lawyer is professionally obligated to tell you how they think your case is proceeding and to give you an honest assessment of your chances of succeeding legally. Your lawyer may tell you something that you do not want to hear, but it is essential to hear them out and not fight them when they are giving you their professionally informed assessment of where you stand legally. The lawyer’s job is to be your counselor, and part of that is telling you something difficult when it is necessary.

Answer Your Lawyer Promptly

Your lawyer may need to learn some information from you during the course of your case. At the same time, they may be handling many different cases all at once and may not be solely focused on your case. It is important that, when they have any questions, you should answer them as close to immediately as you can. They may be devoting a certain block of time to your case before other legal matters divert their attention. Your personal injury attorney should not have to wait to receive what they need.