by tfarino



What to Do After an Injury at a T-Ball Game

Attending the T-ball game of your child, grandchild or another special youngster in your life is often a fun and relaxing way to spend a weekend morning or afternoon. While you might expect some noise and excitement, you probably don’t expect to get injured. If you get hurt at a T-ball game, consider speaking with an accident lawyer in Las Vegas about your rights as a spectator.

Review the Attendance Policy

If you bought a ticket to the T-ball game or signed paperwork as a participating family member, your rights might be limited. As a participating family member, you may have signed papers that absolve the T-ball league from responsibility if you or your child is injured. A lawyer could review the paperwork for you and let you know what it means to your case.

Check With the League Managers

If the T-ball game was held on private property, the managers or property owner may have a policy in place for dealing with injuries. Get a copy of the policy if one is available. If the managers or owners state that there is a policy concerning injuries, but it is not written, you should speak with an attorney about your rights.

Seek Treatment

You should seek treatment for your injuries even if you think they might not be that bad. A blow to the head could cause a concussion, bruising or a fracture. A physician may want to perform tests or imaging studies to evaluate your injury. Be sure to get full documentation of your diagnosis and any treatment that you receive as a result of getting hit in the head while at a T-ball game.