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What to Do If You’re Injured in a Changing Room

When you go to a store and find an article of clothing or an outfit to try on, you walk to the dressing room, check in, and get started doing what you need to do. Dressing rooms are used quite a bit, and they may not get cleaned or maintained like they should. If you get hurt because of poor maintenance or other issues related to a changing room, speaking with a personal injury lawyer Las Vegas could help you learn if you have a case and what your rights are.

Take a Photo

While you are still in the dressing room, take a photo of the problem that caused your injury. For example, if the mirror fell off the wall, take a photo of it. If you stepped on a loose thumbtack or sharp object, capture the image. Only photograph items in your own dressing room that caused you to be hurt. Do not photograph other rooms or people as that might be an invasion of privacy.

Seek Treatment

A cut or puncture wound from broken mirrors or sharp objects could put you at risk for an infection. Keep all documentation related to your treatment. Your lawyer may need this when you have a consultation.

Speak With an Attorney

An attorney may be able to inform you of your rights related to an injury that you sustain while shopping. The lawyer may be able to request maintenance records or video of the dressing room in order to see what condition it was in when you got hurt. If an attorney thinks that you have a case related to your injury, you could act to protect your rights.