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What to Do If You Get Hurt at a Theater

Going to a movie theater to see the latest blockbuster is one of the most popular types of entertainment. Many people enjoy going with their partner or with the whole family as a way to enjoy quality time together. If you or someone you love gets hurt while at a movie theater, Las Vegas injury attorneys may be able to help you to protect your rights.

Identify the Cause of the Injury

If possible, try to identify what caused you to be injured. A spilled soda on the floor, uneven carpeting, or a loose spring in the theater seat all could cause injuries at a theater. It is also possible to be injured by another person, either accidentally or on purpose, while at the movies.

Take Photos or Get Witness Information

Try to take photos of the place in the theater where you were injured. For example, you may be able to take out your smartphone and capture an image of the damaged seat, uneven carpet, or spilled drink. You may also wish to get the contact information for anybody who saw you get hurt in the theater. It is possible that someone else could have also been injured by damaged or slippery seats or floors.

Seek Treatment and Speak With an Attorney

What seems like a minor slip-and-fall accident or small puncture wound could end up being a lot more serious if you do not seek medical care. Bones could be fractured by a slip-and-fall accident, or you could get tetanus after being poked by a piece of metal that breaks your skin. After seeking treatment and getting a physician’s documentation of your injury, speaking with an attorney is the next step to protecting your rights.