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Racial Profiling in Car Accidents: The Latest Trends

Racial profiling is a very important issue. It is especially important when it comes to car accidents. In this article, you can find information for those of you who are curious about the latest trends.

Racial tensions seem to be at a boiling point in the United States. But is this real? Racial profiling trends are something you can look at to see if some of these stories are overblown or if racial tensions are on the rise.

One recent study was done by Stanford University in 2019.

Information and Trends

Stanford University recently examined nearly 100 million traffic stops conducted from 2011 to 2017. This data is from something called the “Stanford Open Policing Project.” The data came from over 21 state police patrol agencies. The states included Illinois, California, New York, and Texas. Large cities that were sampled included Philadelphia, San Francisco, New Orleans, and St. Paul, Minnesota.

The study, according to Stanford, showed that police stopped and searched Latino and black drivers on the “basis of less evidence” than used in stopping white drivers. It also claims that white drivers are searched less often but are more likely to be found with illegal items.

David Lowery, founder of the Living & Driving While Black Foundation in Chicago, says that this is clear evidence of profiling. However, it is not clear if this relates to car accidents and resulting investigations.

The data seems to suggest racial profiling is on the rise, but you can contact an accident lawyer in Las Vegas for more accurate information regarding racial profiling in regards to car accidents specifically.

Is Racial Profiling Increasing?

The jury is still out on if racial profiling is increasing. Some say that the research is “bad” because the data is coming from institutions that seem to have administrators that fall heavily into a certain part of the political spectrum. Some say that idea is preposterous because the data is clear and can’t be disputed. Professionals do know that it can be a very real phenomenon and is an important issue across the United States.