by tfarino



Taking Action If You Are Hurt in a Crafting Class

When you pay to take an arts or crafts class, such as painting, ceramics, or knitting, you might expect to learn a new technique and enjoy yourself. You might not anticipate getting hurt while participating in the class. If you are injured as a result of poorly maintained equipment, improper supplies, poor facility condition, or insufficient safety instructions, it is important to contact a personal injury attorney in order to protect your rights.

Document the Situation

If you slipped on a paint or water spill in the art studio, try to get a photo of where you fell. A rusty tool that punctured your skin could be kept in a sealed bag. If you are not able to take photos or keep an item that was clearly in poor condition, try to get contact information from the other people in the class who saw what happened when you got hurt.

Learn More About the Setup

You might not realize that your injury could have been prevented. Consider learning more about the safety and setup for the type of art or craft you were doing. For example, you might not have known that it is customary to check all the parts of a pottery wheel before using it. Perhaps you expected the instructor to have done that for you, or nobody showed you how to inspect the equipment before getting started.

Seek Treatment and Legal Counsel

Seek prompt treatment for any injury you sustain related to a leisure activity. Get documentation of your injury and treatment. Consulting with an attorney may be a good option so that you can understand your rights. A lawyer may be able to explain what liability or responsibility the teacher or facility had in your injury.