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Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time in Las Vegas. However, the number of people frequenting casinos leaves these locations highly susceptible to mishaps.

Las Vegas Casino Injuries

With the hundreds of thousands of people visiting and working in Las Vegas casinos, accidents happen from time to time. Employees and patrons alike may become victim to mishaps that result in injury. There are a number of ways in which someone might suffer injury.

Employee Injuries

Casinos are financially and legally responsible for the safety of their employees and guests. Common injuries suffered by employees include the following:

• Someone working in security might become injured when attempting to deal with a situation involving an unruly guest. Intoxicated guests might become belligerent and cause injury when a casino employee attempts to intervene.

• Security personnel or parking valets may suffer injury if struck by a vehicle on the facility premises.

• Loose carpeting or wet floors might cause falls or slips that result in injury. Faulty equipment used by employees providing entertainment may result in serious injury.

Patron Injuries

While casino managers typically ensure that facilities are well maintained for the safety and pleasure of their guests, accidents may occasionally occur. Some of the most common injuries suffered by patrons include these situations:

• Falls or slips happen when wet floors are not properly marked. Casinos are well known for their fancy slick and shiny flooring materials which are always slippery, especially when combined with water or liquid from a spilled drink or a nearby fountain. Loose or torn carpet and faulty handrails can also contribute to an accident. Escalators or stairs in a state of disrepair might cause someone to slip and suffer undue injury.

• A lack of proper security or appropriate protocols could lead to the injury of a guest if they are assaulted by another guest or a facility employee.

• Broken casino furnishings, machinery or unexpected situations occurring during a live performance might cause an accident that leaves one or more patrons injured.

• Any number of injuries might occur in areas having swimming pools, saunas or spas if not properly maintained and regularly inspected. These areas must generally feature a list of safety regulations and restrictions.

Consult with an Attorney

If you suffered an injury while employed by or when visiting a casino, a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas has the experience needed to effectively evaluate your case and provide legal advice.