by tfarino



The Difference Between Passengers and Injured Drivers

Among the many types of questions that Las Vegas injury attorneys handle are concerns about liability with rideshare services. Although companies that provide rideshares must have up to a million dollars in commercial liability to cover injuries to passengers, it often seems as though things are less clear about how liable these drivers are when they are involved in accidents affecting occupants of other cars. Nevada law, in such circumstances, takes who was at fault and whether the rideshare driver was carrying or seeking out a passenger.

When Injured Parties Can Receive Compensation

Some of the criteria used to determine if an injured party is entitled to compensation include getting hit if the driver was seeking out passengers using their app, if they were transporting passengers at the time, or if the injured was a passenger in their vehicle. Damages that parties could collect include pain and suffering, lost wages, future earnings and medical cost compensation.

What About Settlements?

Many Nevada residents are unaware that out-of-court settlements are typical of most accidents. However, attorneys customarily recommend against the parties trying to negotiate settlements themselves. Using an attorney is a wise choice, especially if more than one party shares some responsibility.

The Next Steps

Contacting an attorney is the next step to take to help increase your chances of a good outcome. The state laws might seem confusing, which makes the guidance of an attorney all the more critical.