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Common Types of Injuries You Could Experience in a Restaurant

Accidents and injuries can happen anywhere and at any time, including when you go out for a meal at a restaurant. Being aware of the most common types of injuries that patrons could sustain at a restaurant could help you to take action. If you do get hurt, a personal injury lawyer may be able to explain your rights.


Once in a while, a glass may shatter in your hand while at a restaurant. Extreme cold from the ice in the glass could weaken the glass, causing it to crack when you pick it up with your warm hand. You might also get cut while using a knife to eat your meal. A lawyer could explain whether the restaurant has liability if the glass cracks or a poorly maintained knife causes you to be injured.

Burns From Hot Food

Food brought to you straight off of the grill could be quite hot. In many cases, the server will tell you if the food is very hot, or you may see steam rising from the plate. It is also possible to spill a hot beverage, such as an espresso, onto your skin, causing a burn. Some of these burns can be serious and require treatment to the soft tissues of your mouth and lips.

Grease Burns

While most restaurant patrons do not go into the kitchen, it is still possible for someone to sustain a grease or oil burn. This is most common if you eat at a fondue restaurant or another type of place where the food is cooked in front of you while you watch. Some of the hot oil or grease may splatter from the cooking vessel and get onto your skin. These burns may be serious and require prompt treatment in an emergency room or urgent care center.