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11 Top Firework Safety Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

An injury lawyer in Las Vegas works with people who have suffered injuries due to recklessness. For some reason, fireworks tend to embolden people to act recklessly. Too many people dismiss the hazards of fireworks despite their well-documented potential to cause harm. Don’t let a terrible accident erase the fun of a holiday event. Stay safe and avoid legal penalties and liability with these firework safety tips.

Painful Burn Injuries Predominate

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, burns represent 57% of fireworks injuries.

Overall, fireworks injuries affect these body areas:

  • 30% hands and fingers
  • 15% eyes
  • 23% legs
  • 16% heads, faces, and ears
  • 10% arms
  • 6% torsos or other areas

Any burns or injuries, especially to the hands and eyes, could seriously impede your ability to work, at least for a time. Costly medical bills and painful recovery periods trouble victims as well. Injury lawyers Las Vegas are often able to pursue compensation for people in this situation due to another party’s negligence.

injury lawyer in Las Vegas
injury lawyer in Las Vegas

The Safe and Sane Standard

Within Clark County and the Las Vegas Metropolitan area, law enforcement insists that private citizens follow the “safe and sane” standard. Fireworks meant for individuals will be labeled with this language. Illegal use of fireworks in the city or county could result in fines between $250 and $1,000.

Local laws also generally restrict the legal use of fireworks to certain periods around the Fourth of July holiday. During that period, you may use these fireworks in Las Vegas:

  • Sparklers
  • Fireworks that stay in a small circular area
  • Cone fountains
  • Glow worms
  • Small smoke devices

All fireworks that leave the ground, like Roman candles or bottle rockets, are illegal in the area.

How to Safely Enjoy Fireworks

You can still have a good time lighting up the night by taking the right precautions. You don’t want your celebration to send you or a guest to the hospital. If you fail to exercise reasonable care, Las Vegas injury law may obligate you to pay for another person’s losses.

  1. Obey Local Laws

Inform yourself about the fireworks regulations in effect at your location. These can and do vary by county or municipality. Fireworks are often illegal outside of holiday periods designated by authorities. Adherence to local law might improve your legal position should an accident occur. A personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas representing an injured person will cite illegal activities as evidence of negligence.

  1. Have a Hose and Water Bucket on Hand

Even if no physical injuries occur, fireworks can start fires that cause property damage, which you could become responsible for paying. By having a hose handy, you can extinguish a small fire quickly. Spray off the hot remains of used fireworks to reduce the chance of accidental fires. Drop the burnt debris in the water bucket for a couple hours before disposal.

  1. Do Not Touch or Try to Relight Malfunctioning Fireworks

A firework that fizzles can be hazardous. Lift it with a shovel and drop it in your water bucket. If you try to relight it, you run the risk of it blowing up in your hand and face.

  1. Do Not Let Young Children Handle or Light Fireworks

Excited little kids can and will make mistakes. They might not truly understand the danger until scalding pain penetrates their skin.

  1. Insist that Older Children Follow Safety Rules

Supervised tweens and teens are capable of following rules. Show them what to do because this is a great opportunity to teach them how to deal with fireworks safely. Correct them when they do something wrong and prohibit them from continuing with fireworks if they won’t act responsibly.

  1. Wear Safety Glasses

Bare eyes have little chance against a stray spark or explosive flash. Anyone lighting and handling the fireworks should wear eye protection.

  1. Handle Fireworks Sober

Many bright people do stupid things when intoxicated. If you’ve been drinking or getting high, you’re in no condition to handle fireworks. A drunken error could cost you a finger or an eye. If other people get hurt, your intoxication represents negligent behavior in regards to setting off fireworks.

  1. Choose a Safe Area Away From Flammable Materials

Never light fireworks near areas of dry brush or brown lawns. A wild fire could spring up rapidly. Dumpsters pose a fire threat too because no one knows what’s in there. Open areas of pavement or bare dirt are best.

  1. Keep Spectators a Safe Distance Away

If little children are in attendance, prevent them from rushing toward the fiery displays. Refer to product packaging for recommended safe viewing distances. Use common sense as well. If you can feel the heat, you need to move back.

  1. Only Buy Legal Fireworks

The vendors permitted to sell in your area should only have legal fireworks in stock. Fireworks wrapped in brown paper are not for retail or home use in any way. Only pyrotechnic professionals use fireworks in plain packaging.

  1. Do Not Throw Lit Objects Toward People

Even a small legal firework can cause great harm if it lands on a person. Never toss or redirect their flaming displays toward people, vehicles, buildings, or other object

injury lawyer in Las Vegas

Your Rights After a Fireworks Accident

If you’re hurt because someone used a firework unsafely, then personal injury law could grant you the right to pursue compensation from an individual or business venue. You should seek medical care right away to establish official documentation of your injuries. Next, try to write down or record your memory of events as soon as possible. This information will help a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas evaluate your legal position.

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