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It seems that news stories often consist of only auto accidents, but the reality is that there are plenty of pedestrian accidents that occur every single day. Read on to learn about some of the most common injuries sustained through these accidents.

The Most Common Pedestrian Injuries

The reality regarding pedestrian accidents is that they can occur whether or not you’re being negligent. Joggers and walkers can easily be a part of an accident if the conditions are right. Of course, this does not mean everyone should stay indoors forever. The best thing to do is to not only be aware of your surroundings but also learn some of the most common pedestrian injuries sustained through these types of accidents.

Pedestrian Injuries Relating to the Brain

Let’s begin with the most serious of these injuries, the head injury. Because cars are going at such a high speed when an impact happens with a pedestrian, they are likely to be thrown against the body of the car and thus sustain a head injury. Some minor ones may simply give you a concussion, while others can lead to a lifetime of difficulty or even death.

Spinal Cord Damage

As stated above, because vehicles are cruising at such high speeds, they can inflect sudden injuries that people might not even feel until days later and thus highly recommended to seek the services of an accident lawyer in Las Vegas. For example, when the body of a person is suddenly impacted by a car, their spinal cord may shift quickly within them and thus cause serious injury such as dislocated discs or worst, paralysis.

Broken Bones

Although some accidents do happen out of nowhere, there are going to be cases where the pedestrian sees the vehicle coming towards them. In this instance, it is natural to want to stiffen up the body in an attempt to lessen the blow of the impact. However, this has been seen to increase the chances of breaking a bone. This is often seen during drunk driving accidents when the person intoxicated often doesn’t break any bones due to allowing their body to be looser during the impact.