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A dog bite can lead to serious injury and unexpected complications to your health. If you receive a dog bite, your lawyer can work to make sure that the dog’s owner is held responsible for your costs.

When a Dog Bite Is Worthy of Legal Action

Dogs are commonly referred to as man’s best friend, but they are also unpredictable in their behavior. A dog bite can cause serious injuries and infections that can be dangerous to your health. If you are bitten by a dog, it is important to know when to contact a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas to represent your case.

Unprovoked Bites

A dog bite is worthy of legal action if the dog bit you without any provocation. As long as you were not hitting, yelling at, teasing or provoking the dog in any other way, you may have grounds for legal action against the dog’s owner. It does not matter if you were on or off the owner’s property or if you were petting the dog when it bit you. The dog’s owner may still be liable for your injury.

Dog Bites That Cause Injury

Not all dog bites result in a serious injury, but many do. If you are bitten by a dog, it is important to get medical attention. If possible, take photos of your injury as soon as you are in a safe place. The photos may prove useful in your legal case. After a dog bite injury, you may need to visit the hospital emergency room for treatment. In some cases, you may even need to get vaccinations to protect you against serious diseases such as rabies. The care for your injuries and prevention of complications can be expensive.

Taking Action

Identify the owner of the dog as soon as possible. The animal control officer may remove the dog and hold it for testing if the owner does not have proof of vaccination. If the dog bite caused you to be injured or experience pain, you may consider filing a legal claim against the dog’s owner.