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Although most people think of falls causing fractures, several other frustrating issues can happen due to a fall.

What Are Some Less Common Injuries in a Fall?

Many people think of slip-and-fall injury lawyers as taking cases that involve serious fractures or concussions that result in disability. While many of the cases that personal injury law firms take do involve these types of injuries, there are some injuries less commonly associated with falls that may also make legal advice a good choice.

Injuries That Involve Saving Yourself from Falling

Some of the most debilitating injuries occur when people attempt to save themselves from falling. Many people end up with carpal tunnel symptoms after grabbing a railing or piece of furniture in an attempt to keep from falling, often on a slippery surface. Another type of injury that happens when someone tries to prevent a fall is an abdominal muscle strain. Both types of injuries can hinder free movement during the recovery process.

Other Injuries

Sprains are injuries that aren’t as common as fractures in falls, but they are still painful and debilitating. These injuries are fairly common on surfaces that are either slippery or uneven and may also happen when a person is trying to save themselves from falling. Both ankles and wrists are common areas where a sprain may occur. Hematomas may also occur following bodily trauma. When a hematoma or blot clot occurs, surgical draining may be necessary if the hematoma is large.

When Calling a Lawyer Is a Good Idea

When you’ve fallen in a situation that the property owner could have been prevented, it is a good idea to consult with a lawyer about your options. Any injury that keeps you out of work may prompt you to consider seeking legal advice. Even if it seems that the injury isn’t that serious, some injuries worsen over time without proper care and could result in disability.