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Determining Liability for Injuries Sustained in Youth Sports Leagues

Playing a sport such as baseball, soccer or hockey can lead to a person getting hurt. In some cases, the injuries are caused by incidental contact or otherwise not related to another party’s negligent behavior. However, if an injury is caused by excessive force or inadequate equipment, the youth sports league and other parties could be liable for damages incurred after a child breaks a bone or gets a concussion.

The League Could Be Liable

The league itself could be negligent if it fails to take precautions to keep children safe. For instance, a hockey league that doesn’t require all players to wear a cage with their helmet could be exposed to liability if a puck hits a child and breaks his or her jaw. A football league could be successfully sued if it allows children of all ages to play together despite their size and other physical differences.

The Opposing Coach Can Be Negligent

Say that a coach tells their player to aim for another player’s leg during a soccer game. The coach is creating a dangerous condition that he or she should know may cause an injury. In the event that the player is injured because of such a tactic, that person could be accused of negligence because of the intent to injure. The player likely wouldn’t face legal liability because he or she is a minor. 

You Don’t Have to Take Legal Action Right Away

Depending on the statute of limitations, the child would likely have several years after his or her 18th birthday to pursue a personal injury case on his or her own. However, it may be a good idea to talk with a personal injury attorney to look into what can be done after a minor is injured.