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How to Make a Good Impression in Court

When you’re filing a lawsuit or being sued by another party, the impression that you make could significantly impact the outcome of the case. Your appearance and how you present yourself will determine how the jury and court view you in the court of law. When you’re preparing to appear in court, there are a few essential steps to take to make a good impression.

Practice Court Etiquette

There is specific court etiquette to follow to respect others in the room. If you’re called as a witness, it’s important to avoid moving out of the witness box without permission after you’re sworn in during the proceedings. You must also address the judge as “Your Honor” and whisper while talking to your Las Vegas injury attorneys. Avoid interrupting anyone and speak with formal English. It’s also necessary to avoid arguing, especially with the judge.

Avoid Bringing the Wrong Items

How you present yourself in court also includes leaving a few items at home before you arrive. It’s important to avoid bringing chewing gum, beverages, newspapers, personal music players, food or cellphones. You should not bring your children along unless an adult is accompanying them and they can remain quiet throughout the trial. An adult will need to take the child out of the room if they become disruptive, which can reflect poorly on your image.

Wear Professional Attire

The way that you dress will speak volumes to other individuals in the room. Professional attire should be worn in court, making it recommended for men and women to wear a suit. Choose closed-toed shoes in a neutral color shade. Avoid showing cleavage or too much skin with your attire. Your hair should also be groomed and styled.