personal injury lawyer in las vegas

Busy public venues like casinos, bars, and nightclubs set the scene for many types of accidents and injuries. The companies running these establishments have a legal duty to keep their properties reasonably safe for guests and visitors. When things go wrong, injury lawyers Las Vegas take action to prevent businesses from sweeping misdeeds and failures under the rug.

Many Hazards Lurk in Fun Places

You were looking to have a good time when you visited a casino or bar in Las Vegas, but you experienced quite the opposite. Personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas Nevada represent people who have suffered all manner of misfortunes due to hazards at entertainment venues and other places of business.

Casino injuries mostly fall into these categories:

  • Slip and falls
  • Elevator/escalator accidents
  • Chair accidents
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Food poisoning
  • Electrocution
  • Burns
  • Violent crimes

Slip and falls result from slippery floors where a drink has been spilled or cleaning solution has not dried. Elevators and escalators can also cause falls when they malfunction. An elevator that does not stop in line with the floor leaves a ledge that can trip people. A sudden jolt or crash of an elevator could knock down a person. Escalators might cause falls as well, but they are also known to grab clothing and draw people into their mechanical parts.

Most casino activities offer patrons chairs to sit in. When chairs break or tip over, unsuspecting people can be thrown to the floor or hurled against tables or slot machines.

Swimming pool accidents can be slip and falls, but pools and spas present other hazards. Chemical exposure or overly heated water can cause burns, or filtration equipment may suck in body parts.

Food poisoning can range from an inconvenient stomach ache to life threatening complications that require hospitalization. Death is even possible. Poor kitchen hygiene in violation of health codes and food managers who serve old food in the hopes of saving money frequently endanger casino guests.

Electrocution may not be the first threat that you think of when entering a casino, but all of those slot machines require massive power. Additionally, casino hotels often have construction and maintenance projects going on. Exposed electrical lines and inadequately restricted access could harm unsuspecting visitors.

Burns could occur in a variety of settings from accidents with a hotel room coffee maker to hot dishes at a buffet.

Violent crimes are a recurring problem in and around casinos and bars. In 2020, some casinos added extra security due to multiple shootings on the Strip attributed to out-of-state gangs. Insufficient security or bartenders overserving alcohol to customers can leave other guests vulnerable to attack. Criminals also prowl these areas watching for people who appear to have cash or jewelry. As a result, innocent people too often are the target of assaults, robberies, and shootings.

The infamous Las Vegas shooter attack at the Mandalay Bay that ended the lives of 58 people and injured over 850 others represents the worst violent crime blamed on security failures. The shocking event triggered many lawsuits that highlighted the fact that the gunman stockpiled a mass of powerful weapons and ammunition in his 32nd floor hotel room over the course of several days. A settlement between MGM Resorts International and the victims for $800 million has resolved these lawsuits. The company will pay $49 million, and insurance companies will cover the remaining $751 million. Although the company admitted no liability, the case clearly illustrates that money is often available to compensate casino injury victims.

personal injury lawyer in las vegas

Injury Liability for Casinos and Bars

Negligent actions or inactions on the part of a company or its employees create financial liability when people get hurt. Las Vegas injury law also recognizes that harm caused by patrons at a casino, hotel, or bar might place responsibility for someone’s injuries on the shoulders of a company and its insurer. If you were injured by a patron, foreseeability will matter in your case.

A business’s liability arises from failing to deal with foreseeable dangers caused by patrons or people in the area. For example, a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas could argue that a bar should have thrown out unruly drunks instead of leaving them to attack others. Their obvious intoxication or belligerent behavior should have made violence foreseeable.

personal injury lawyer in las vegas

Your Lawyer’s Role in a Casino Injury Case

Collecting compensation after being injured at a casino or bar involves filing an insurance claim. Without legal help, you could be vulnerable to an insurance company’s indifference to your evidence. The insurer may try to shift blame onto you to avoid paying. Even if your claim is recognized, the settlement offer may not equal your financial need.

A personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas could:

  • Investigate the accident and gather important evidence
  • Identify who bears responsibility
  • Document your losses by organizing medical bills and gathering testimony from doctors
  • Negotiate a settlement that meaningfully settles your damages
  • Present your evidence in court when necessary

These services could unburden you from a frustrating and difficult battle with a company that wants to dodge liability.

personal injury lawyer in las vegas

Two Year Statute of Limitations

Nevada law grants you only two years to bring forward a claim for damages after being injured at a casino, hotel, or bar. If you suspect that negligence played a role in what happened to you, then you should discuss the event with the injury lawyers Las Vegas at Moss Berg. We offer free consultations. Contact our office today.

personal injury lawyer in las vegas