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WalletHub ranked Nevada 44 out of the 50 states for driving in terms of safety, cost, and dozens of other factors. In early 2023, the Review Journal published stark statistics about traffic hazards statewide and in Las Vegas. In 2022, 382 people lost their lives in traffic accidents, according to the Nevada Department of Public Safety. Unsurprisingly, deaths clustered in Clark County, where 246 traffic fatalities occurred that year, and this marked a 4% increase from 2021.

Many of the deadly crashes resulted from speeding or impairment, and both of those reasons represent negligent behaviors that could entitle victims to compensation. Police often detect these issues at a crash scene, and a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas may also look for additional evidence like this when investigating an accident for a client.

Worst Las Vegas Intersections for Traffic Accidents
Nellis Boulevard and Stewart Avenue

This intersection on the east side of the city stays busy due to the presence of a Walmart and numerous residential neighborhoods. As a major north-south corridor for that side of the city, Nellis connects the area of North Las Vegas and Nellis Air Force Base with the southern portion of the metropolitan area. The local radio station KKLZ placed this intersection in its top 5 most dangerous intersection list.

Nellis Boulevard and Boulder Highway
Farther south along Nellis, things get worse when it crosses the Boulder Highway. Boulder crosses Nellis at an odd angle that impacts drivers’ visibility. Making things worse is the fact that the central artery of Flamingo Road crosses Nellis nearby to form a triangular triple intersection with Boulder. As a result, the whole area becomes a congested and confusing mess. A car accident attorney in Las Vegas representing an accident victim hurt here will hope to get testimony from witnesses to piece together the cause of a crash.

Flamingo Road and Maryland Parkway
Traveling westward from Nellis on Flamingo, motorists encounter a massively busy, multi-lane terror where Flamingo meets Maryland Parkway. This intersection is close to the heart of the tourist district on Las Vegas Boulevard. The result is a mix of unrelenting local and tourist traffic.

Flamingo Road and Las Vegas Boulevard

car accident attorney in las vegas

Just a little farther west from Flamingo’s intersection with Maryland Parkway, the road meets Las Vegas Boulevard, known commonly as the Strip. High numbers of pedestrians clog the area. Drivers who have reached this point have likely started to lose patience with the slow rate of travel. The situation is worsened by people being distracted by the famous casino resorts in all directions.

Sahara Avenue and Decatur Boulevard
On the city’s west side, traffic congestion plagues the intersection where these roads meet. The location is in the heart of a residential area but still close to the Strip, where traffic is always thick. This trouble spot consistently produces accidents that put people in search of an accident attorney in Las Vegas. In 2018, UNLV researchers identified the intersection as the worst in that area of the city, and over 50 crashes happened at that location in that year.

Charleston Boulevard and Rainbow Boulevard
Another west side hot spot for accidents is found at Charleston and Rainbow, a crowded eight-lane intersection in all directions. UNLV researchers blamed drivers running red lights and pedestrians struggling to get across so many lanes as the cause of fatal accidents.

Charleston Boulevard and Lamb Boulevard
On the opposite side of the city, Charleston remains a troublesome area for traffic safety. Strip malls, restaurants, and box stores near the intersection draw in heavy traffic. The location is right between the major arteries of Nellis and Interstate 515. People seriously hurt in a wreck here may want advice from a car accident attorney in Las Vegas. Legal representation is often helpful if you are faced with high medical bills or the crash involving multiple vehicles.

Tropicana Avenue and Interstate 15

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The on-ramps and off-ramps for I-15 at Tropicana are just a short distance west of the Strip. This section of the Strip is home to megaresorts that attract thousands of visitors a day. A large truck stop at this exit means many large trucks also come and go from the area. They add to the congestion significantly and reduce visibility for motorists in the thick of traffic.

Tropicana Avenue and Decatur Boulevard
Farther west of the interstate along Tropicana, traffic problems persist. Charlie Frias Park and a popular casino resort are near the intersection. Both places generate foot traffic, and pedestrians and multiple lanes of traffic produce many crashes and injuries.

Issues Victims Face After a Car Accident
You might experience any number of problems collecting compensation after a wreck. If you were badly hurt and taken away in an ambulance, you would have had no opportunity to collect pictures of the accident scene or contact information from witnesses.

Sometimes fault for a collision is unclear. You may be uncertain if you were the victim of negligence or if the other driver accused you of causing the crash.

In either situation, you or a family member could contact a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas, who could investigate what happened.

Even if your accident claim appears straightforward, you may be too distracted by your injuries to deal with conversations with one or more insurance companies. A law office can handle these communications and manage negotiations for a settlement.

Let Moss Berg Do the Heavy Lifting

car accident lawyers in las vegas

Even when you are at your best, dealing with an insurance company can be stressful. Our car accident lawyers in Las Vegas work on behalf of injured people every day. We are committed to negotiating the best settlement possible or fighting for you in court whenever necessary.

Driving in Las Vegas may be difficult, but letting us track down every dollar you deserve is easy. Call us to set up a free consultation today.

car accident lawyers in las vegas