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A Nevada personal injury attorney can handle the legal processes surrounding your personal injury claims. From offering legal advice and evaluating your claims to helping you assemble evidence and communicate with the opposing side, your attorney is there to help you seek and attain compensation after an accident. Some Nevada personal injury lawyers even offer risk-free case consultations so that you will know whether pursuing legal action is the best option and be able to proceed with confidence.

However, most people never expect to be wrongfully injured in an accident. As such, most victims are unfamiliar with the processes surrounding working with Nevada personal injury attorneys. So what should clients expect when hiring a Nevada injury lawyer? That’s what we are here to discuss.

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Suppose you were hurt unexpectedly in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, a faulty product, or because of other preventable circumstances outside of your control. In that case, you may be entitled to compensation for your suffering and losses. An experienced injury attorney can assist you as you file claims, talk to insurance adjusters, determine the value of your case, and more. At Moss Berg Injury Law, competent Nevada personal injury attorneys can review the details of your unique case and advise you on the best course of legal action! Don’t risk settling for less than what you need to recover from your losses. Instead, contact the team at Moss Berg Injury Law for a free consultation!

What Victims Can Expect When Working with a Personal Injury Attorney

Nevada Personal Injury Attorney

Wondering what to expect when hiring an injury attorney in Nevada? This process usually begins with scheduling a legal case consultation. Some reputable personal injury lawyers, like Moss Berg Injury Law, offer these consultations for free at no risk to you as a victim. After making an appointment, you will meet with a lawyer and discuss the details of your accident in depth. From there, you and your attorney will examine possible courses of legal action and decide how best to proceed.

Keep in mind that your particular case will be handled based on the unique circumstances surrounding the accident in which you were injured. Still, most personal injury cases go through similar legal phases and processes. Here are some of the possible stages that your case may undergo and a summary of what you might expect as you work with your Nevada personal injury attorney filing claims and seeking compensation.

Make a Preliminary Assessment Of Your Claim

Before you and your lawyer move forward, a preliminary evaluation of your case will be undertaken. This is to determine how strong your claims are and whether seeking compensation is likely to be a successful endeavor. At this initial stage, you and your attorney may review the facts of your case, attempt to acquire new data, consult with witnesses, and examine the available evidence. Your lawyer will use the facts and details of your accident to decide whether your claim is valid and give you advice on the wisest next move.

Provide Legal Advice That You Can Trust

Your lawyer is there to help you get the best possible outcome for your claims, represent your interests, and protect your legal rights. As such, they will likely give you guidance and advice on what to do and what to avoid as your case moves forward. Your attorney can also offer advice regarding errors that could potentially hurt or detract from your claims.

Your lawyer may advise you:

  • To keep track of medical bills and reports
  • To save evidence from your accident
  • To avoid speaking with the at-fault party or insurance claims adjusters
  • Not to post about your accident on social media
  • Not to share the details of your claims case with others

Determine the Actual Value Of Your Claim

Certain injuries have long-term ramifications and could adversely affect your life for years to come.
This could include elements that you had not previously considered, such as:

  • Lost wages
  • Future medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Long-term effects of your injuries

An attorney will work with you to ascertain the precise value of your claims to ultimately receive the recovery amount you require.

Examine All Details of Your Accident Case

It is your attorney’s job to look into all of the details surrounding your accident to help build a strong case on your behalf. Your lawyer may have access to resources you either can not access or are unaware of. This could include witness statements, medical records, traffic accident reports, or even video surveillance footage.

Unpack Insurance Policies and Translate Legalese

Nevada Personal Injury Attorney

An attorney can help you understand insurance technicalities and a range of other pertinent legalities surrounding your claims. For instance, your attorney can translate any legalese for you into layman’s terms to help you understand exactly what is going on in your case. Your lawyer will also be able to investigate the insurance policies of the at-fault party and find out if they have the coverage required to pay for the scope of your damages.

Organize Your Medical Bills and Records

A lawyer will be able to look at your medical bills and other significant records to determine exactly how severe your injuries were. This information will be used to build a stronger case on your behalf.

Draft and Send a Demand Letter

After reviewing the details of your case thoroughly, your injury lawyer will be able to send a demand letter on your behalf that outlines your losses and explains why you deserve a certain amount of monetary compensation. In this way, the defendant’s insurance company will have a chance to resolve your complaints outside of court.

Negotiate a Fair Settlement

Generally, a Nevada injury lawyer will negotiate with the other party’s insurance company to reach a fair settlement. At this stage, whether you can settle outside of court or will need to file a lawsuit depends on how negotiations go. If an insurance company is not prepared to settle or pay you the damages you are owed, another course of action may be required.

Filing a Lawsuit, Attending a Trial, and Appealing Unfavorable Judgments

nevada personal injury

Filing a lawsuit may be necessary if fair negotiations cannot be conducted outside of court. In this case, your lawyer will usually begin charting alternate courses of action to get you the best outcome.

For example, if your claims are denied, negotiations fail, or the settlement offered to you is unfavorable, you and your attorney could choose to file a personal injury lawsuit. Your lawyer will then be able to represent you through all pertinent pre-trial discovery processes as you file motions with the court and in an actual trial if the need for one arises.

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There are so many things that a Nevada injury lawyer can do to make recovering the damages you are owed a simpler and smoother process. No matter what stage your current personal injury case happens to be in, hiring a lawyer might be the wisest next move to make. At Moss Berg injury law, experienced, top-rated Nevada personal injury lawyers are ready to help you get your life back!

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