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Don’t let a drunk driver who caused your injuries get off with a fine and some jail time. An attorney can help you file a lawsuit against that person.

Choose an Attorney to File a Drunk Driving Accident Lawsuit

Anyone who operates a motor vehicle with a blood-alcohol concentration above the legal limit is guilty of drunk driving. While the court can charge that driver with a DUI and sentence the individual to jail time or other penalties, the criminal court will do nothing about your injuries. An attorney may help you decide when and how to file a civil suit against that driver.

What is a Civil Suit?

A civil suit is a case that goes before a judge working in a civil court. Instead of criminal court, which charges defendants and penalizes them for their actions, civil court allows you to ask for compensation because of what happened during and after the accident. You may file a wrongful death case after losing a loved one, or you might file a suit because you suffered multiple injuries and experienced property damage. Though an attorney may recommend trying to settle with the drunk driver’s insurer first, many cases eventually go to court.

Finding a Qualified Attorney

Las Vegas injury attorneys work for firms all across the city. It’s important that you schedule a consultation to give you the chance to see if the two of you work well together, if the attorney will put your needs first or if the attorney will hand off much of your case to other associates. You also want to find someone who has experience with drunk driving cases and overseeing similar cases in court.

Holding a Drunk Driver Responsible

While a criminal court can hold a drunk driver responsible for his or her actions, it will not hold that individual responsible for any injuries or damages you sustained in that accident. If you find a qualified and dependable local attorney, you’ll have everything you need to file a lawsuit.