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Resolving a personal injury claim with an insurance adjuster usually involves negotiation and a review of the damages, and the amount one receives depends on several factors related to the incident.

Settling a Personal Injury Claim

If you were involved in a car accident in Nevada caused by another party, you can seek compensation. An attorney might be able to help you evaluate the amount your claim is worth and negotiate a settlement offer, as an insurance adjuster likely will not immediately agree with your assessment of damages. Here are some considerations when negotiating personal injury settlements.

Evaluating Damages

The amount you may receive depends on things like your injuries, property damage, time off work, future expenses relating to the accident and any emotional pain and suffering. An insurance adjuster wants to limit the amount of money an insurance company pays, and you will likely start by asking for a high amount so that you have room to negotiate.

Negotiating an Amount

Insurance adjusters usually make low offers quickly in case someone wants to settle fast, and adjusters often ask questions about the accident that could help them lower the amount a claim is worth. There is usually back and forth and counteroffers while trying to arrive at an agreeable amount. This means that persistence and patience are important, and you might not immediately reach a settlement amount.

Influential Factors

When discussing a crash with an adjuster, you or your attorney will likely discuss the injuries you suffered, the treatment required and liability. Injuries that require long-term care like rehabilitation or multiple surgeries may necessitate more compensation along with permanent injuries. The kind of treatment one needs also matters and preexisting conditions relating to one’s injuries might lead an adjuster to offer a lower rate. Nevada is a fault state, so victims can file claims against anyone who shares responsibility for an accident. Las Vegas injury lawyers might be needed when evaluating damages and reaching a settlement agreement, and you have the option of going to court with a personal injury claim.