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About Movie Theater-related Accidents and Injuries

Las Vegas injury attorneys handle all sorts of cases every year, including movie theater accidents. Minor bruises or even sprains are often possible because of a mixture of dim lighting and the stadium-style seating that has somewhat steep steps. However, in a worst-case scenario, you might be looking at more severe injuries that require surgery and rehabilitation.

What Are Some Common Types of Injuries?

Several scenarios could lead to getting injured at the movies, including slipping or falling because of food and beverage spills, broken seats, loose aisle carpeting or broken handrails. In many cases, these situations happen because of employees not following essential safety procedures or trying to rush through a cleanup. When employees don’t give these matters proper attention, painful and possibly debilitating injuries are a possibility.

Injuries That Are Common

Theater injuries are often embarrassing for the victim, and some make the mistake of refusing medical treatment. However, injuries can be quite severe, especially when they occur in auditoriums with multi-level seating. Examples of common injuries include neck or back injury, open wounds from lacerations and traumatic brain injuries.

Why Seek Help

If your injury happened because of staff negligence, getting medical and legal help is essential because you only have a limited time to act. Making sure you act during the timeframes allowed under Nevada law is vital to making sure you have the best chance of recovery. The types of injuries you could get in such a setting can make life hard, so you don’t want to wait.