by tfarino



Car accidents can be caused by many people, and these potentially responsible parties could be held accountable when contributing to an accident.

Possible Responsible Parties in Car Accident Cases

When car accidents occur in Nevada, those who suffer injuries may want to file personal injury claims in civil court against the responsible party or parties to seek compensation for expenses lost due to the accident. Besides motorists, some parties that you might not expect could also play a role in causing car crashes.

Government Entities

Cities sometimes neglect road maintenance when there is a lack of funds, and this is one reason that could lead to poor quality roads with missing, cheap or broken features. If you were in an accident because a city did not have the proper guardrails installed, then you might consider filing a suit against the responsible government. Evidence in a case like this could include a police report and other instances of accidents in the same location for similar reasons, and an attorney might try to find out the safety guidelines for the place an accident took place at and see if the site met the requirements.

Event Hosts and Sponsors

In other cases, companies hosting an event could be responsible for an accident if they did not make an effort to keep people safe. For example, one might expect things like signs, traffic cones, parking attendants and police officers monitoring traffic at a major sporting event. If the lack of enough safety personnel led to an accident, the event hosts could be liable for damages.


Motorists may initially seem at fault in instances where vehicle defects actually caused automobile crashes. If a faulty part causes a wreck, those injured could file a suit against a manufacturer.

When someone else is responsible for a crash that caused you harm, you might be able to receive compensation for medical and other expenses by filing a claim in civil court. A personal injury attorney might be able assist you when you want justice after a car accident.