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If you suffered a personal injury while visiting a salon or spa, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit and receive financial compensation to cover any losses that incurred.

Suffering a Personal Injury at the Salon or Spa

If you went to a local salon or spa and suffered an injury because of negligence on the business’s part, you may be entitled to receive money to cover medical expenses, pain and suffering and other losses you experienced because of your injury. An injury can occur due to how a treatment was improperly administered or products that we used that caused you unreasonable harm.

Nail Infections

Nail technicians who do not apply nails correctly or who use hazardous products can end up giving their clients nail infections. Fungal and bacterial infections may occur, and these hazards can result in serious health consequences. If you suffer from one of these types of infections, your personal injury lawyer may be able to assist you in filing a lawsuit against the establishment that caused the infection.

Chemical Burns

Chemical facial peels and hair dyes can cause serious skin burns if the solutions are not concocted right or if they are applied incorrectly. Treatments that are left on the skin for too long can also cause severe burns and pose other health risks. Chemicals that end up getting into the eyes will sometimes result in even more serious injuries.

Injuries from Injections

Injuries are also sometimes the result of injectable treatments that were improperly administered. Facial paralysis, infections and other health consequences can occur if injections of Botox, fillers or other serums are given by untrained staff. Although these consequences may only be temporary, you could still receive financial compensation if you can prove negligence on the part of the salon or spa.