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The Most Common Homeowner Injury Claims

If you have been injured on someone’s private property or business, you will need help to get the financial compensation you deserve. Las Vegas injury attorneys focus their practice in personal injury claims and can negotiate a settlement for you or take the person responsible to court.

You May Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Whether you are liable for another person’s injury in your home or are the victim of an accident, legal action may be involved. This usually concerns insurance companies who hire lawyers to pay as little as possible to the victim. You may need a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas to have a fair outcome. You can check your homeowner’s insurance to make sure it covers personal injury issues.

The Most Common Injuries

According to the National Security Council, 19 million Americans have an injury in the home that requires medical attention. Slip-and-fall is the most common. This can happen because of ice on a walkway, a loose carpet or a waxed floor.

A dog bite is another common accident. Some dogs are trained to protect the house, but it is the owner’s responsibility to keep them away from guests or salespeople who are simply visiting the house.

If a person is cited for drunk driving, the person who gave him or her too much alcohol is liable for any accident or injury the driver may get or give to others. This is true if the liquor was given in a private party or a bar.

Children leave toys everywhere but when they are in a place where people walk such as an entryway or staircase, they can be a falling hazard.

What to Do About Injuries in the Home

If you are injured, you should talk to a Las Vegas attorney as soon as you know your injury will require large medical bills. The longer you wait, the less the insurance company will value your claim. This is also true for the homeowner. Contact your insurance company and explain what happened as soon as you know you may be liable for another’s injury.