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If you’re injured while visiting someone else’s property, they may be responsible for your medical expenses. Find out whether premises liability may apply in your case.

Premises Liability: Slip and Fall Cases

Premises liability is the idea that property owners are responsible for keeping their guests safe from hazardous conditions. Two classic examples are slipping on an icy sidewalk or tripping down stairs that haven’t been properly maintained. In order for premises liability to apply in your personal injury case, the property owner has to have been negligent in his or her maintenance of the property. Your premises liability claim may also depend on whether you were visiting the property with or without permission.

Negligence in Property Maintenance

The property’s owner is only responsible for your injury if they showed negligence. Generally, this means that they failed to take reasonable steps to prevent or remedy the hazardous condition that resulted in your injury. This can be difficult to prove because it requires evidence that the property owner was aware of the danger. If the hazard that caused your injury was obvious, such as a missing or badly damaged stair, you may have a strong case, but if it wasn’t apparent, you may have difficulty proving negligence.

Visitor Status: Invitees and Trespassers

Trespassers don’t benefit from the same liability protections that are extended to a property’s visitors. If you’re injured while trespassing, the property owner is unlikely to be found at fault, even if there’s substantial evidence of negligence. On the other hand, property owners generally have a duty to protect invitees to the property, such as family and friends, from dangerous conditions. If you were invited onto a property or were otherwise there lawfully, premises liability may very well apply.

Learning More

Premises liability may be a factor in your personal injury case, but each situation is unique. If you think that the situation surrounding your injury might meet these criteria, a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas may be able to evaluate your case and provide valuable advice.