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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can occur for any number of reasons even if you pay strict attention to all of the rules of the road. From poor visibility to driver negligence, the causes of motorcycle accidents can affect any rider, which is why it’s important to be extra cautious whenever you ride your motorcycle. By understanding the common causes of motorcycle accidents, you may be able to reduce the likelihood that you’re involved in an accident.

Various Road Hazards

Road hazards are more oftentimes more problematic for motorcyclists than they are for people who drive cars and trucks. While a pothole or crack in the road can be a minor nuisance for car or truck drivers, they can sometimes cause motorcyclists to get into an accident. Some of the main hazards of the road that you should be on the lookout for when operating your motorcycle include sharp curves, potholes, and debris that’s located in the road. Highways are less likely to be comprised of such hazards when compared to smaller roads.

Low Visibility

There are a range of different weather conditions that can cause you to experience low visibility while you ride your motorcycle. No matter how experienced you are with riding a motorcycle, low visibility can adversely affect any motorcyclist. Try to limit the amount of times you ride in heavy rain or fog if you want to lessen the possibility that you get into an accident.

Distracted Truck or Car Drivers

Among the most common causes of motorcycle accidents are distracted truck or car drivers. Whether these drivers are distracted by a passenger, a phone call, or an electronic device, these distractions can cause the driver to strike a motorcyclist and injure them. If your motorcycle accident was caused by another individual, you might think about hiring an accident lawyer in Las Vegas to help you obtain the compensation that you’re owed, which will likely include such expenses as medical bills and lost wages.