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Three Ways That Shoddy Vehicle Repairs Cause a Car Accident

When your car has a problem, you take it to a mechanic expecting that the situation will be fixed correctly. Inferior materials or poor workmanship could leave your car worse off than it was before. If you experience a car accident that could be caused by the work performed by a mechanic’s repair shop, it is important to contact an accident lawyer in Las Vegas to find out if you have a case.

Inferior Materials

If you paid for original equipment manufacturer parts, that is what should be installed on your car. After-market parts may not have the same fitment specifications. If the mechanic installed cheaper parts on your car, and those parts failed and caused you to be in an accident, you might have a case against the repair shop.

Poorly Trained Mechanics

Some repair shops sub-contract work out in order to pay a lower price for labor costs. In other cases, a mechanic who has not yet completed a training course or certification may have worked on your car. If the shop advertised itself as factory-trained and certified but the work was done by someone with inadequate training, you might have a case to pursue.

Shoddy Workmanship

There are many types of shoddy workmanship that could cause parts of your car to fail, leading to an auto accident. The mechanic might have used the wrong parts or installed them incorrectly. The mechanic may have left something in the car, such as a tool or a glove, causing a problem after you started the engine. It is also possible that the mechanic damaged a different part of your car while making repairs.