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If you experienced any type of personal injury while visiting another country, you might be able to receive compensation by taking legal action against certain parties deemed largely responsible.

Suing for Injuries that Occurred While Abroad

You may think that you have no option to sue if you’re ever injured in another country. However, you can possibly pursue legal action without having to travel back to the country if certain parties that were liable have direct business ties to the United States. A knowledgeable personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas can help you to determine whether or not you’re able to sue for damages, but if you’re looking for a basic idea of what you’re up against, consider the following examples of parties possibly responsible for injuries abroad.

Travel Agency

If the travel agency you used to book your trip was at fault in any way for your injuries, you may be able to file a lawsuit. An example would be if the travel agency recommended an accommodation or activity that didn’t meet the required safety standards. You can also pursue legal action if there were other potential dangers that the agency didn’t inform you about in advance.


If you’re traveling abroad and you suffer an injury at a hotel that’s part of a major international chain, you can be awarded compensation through a U.S. court. Perhaps you were bitten by bed bugs or physically attacked by an intruder due to the hotel’s inadequate security. Another instance in which you may be able to sue is if you suffered food poisoning from the hotel’s restaurant.

Car Rental Agency

Renting a car while abroad comes with certain risks, but you can file a lawsuit if you can prove that mechanical issues with your vehicle resulted in your injuries. If the vehicle had inadequate brakes, faulty steering capabilities or airbags that didn’t deploy during an accident, you can possibly sue from the U.S., assuming that the agency has ties in this country.