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Why Parties May Appeal a Personal Injury Verdict

If you take a personal injury case to trial, a jury may award you compensation for medical bills and other expenses. However, the parties that are required to pay that compensation may not agree with the jury’s decision. Therefore, it is possible that the jury verdict will be appealed, which means that you won’t get any money until the appeal is heard.

Liable Parties May Try to Protect Their Brand

If a company is named as a defendant in a personal injury case, it may appeal a decision in an effort to protect its brand. The negative publicity surrounding the matter could hurt sales or be a drag on its stock price. Those who work in the entertainment industry or who otherwise make money based on their personal image may also appeal personal injury verdict in an effort to mitigate the harm it could do.

A Person or Company Could Be Angling for a Settlement

There is a chance that a defendant is hoping to negotiate a settlement. Settlements can be reached even in cases where a jury has made a ruling, and this can be beneficial to a defendant for a couple of reasons. First, the terms of a settlement are private, which means that there is no need to admit guilt. Second, the settlement may be less than what a jury ordered a person or company to pay.

Your Attorney Will Explain Everything That Is Happening

While an appeal may be frustrating to deal with, Las Vegas injury lawyers will explain why it has occurred and what the next steps in the case are. There is still a chance that the matter can be resolved in a timely and favorable manner.