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Filing a Personal Injury Claim Against a Nursing Home

While most nursing homes try very hard to take great care of their residents, there have been many cases where nursing home residents were injured while living in one. A Florida nursing home paid out $2 million when an elderly woman fell down a flight of stairs leading to her death while an 87-year-old Alzheimer’s resident’s family received $97 million after a resident died from extreme hydration after being in the facility only three weeks. If you think you have a personal injury lawsuit against a nursing home, then consider these facts.

What Constitutes a Nursing Home Personal Injury?

Anytime a person is injured at a long-term care facility, they or their family should contact a lawyer. There are several types of injuries that may occur in nursing homes including bed rail entrapment, choking accidents, administration of wrong drugs, lack of administration of drugs, malnutrition, dehydration, wheelchair accidents and many others. Keep in mind while the incident may have occurred in a nursing home, it is not always the nursing homes fault such as when a wheelchair malfunctions or contractors are hired to provide services.

How Much Money Can a Victim Receive?

Several different factors determine how much money the person or his family may receive. The first factor is how severe the injury was and if death occurred. Secondly, the age of the injured party. While state inspection records are generally inadmissible in personal injury cases, those facilities with a bad track record often have to pay out more money. State and local laws must also be considered. That is why you need a good lawyer to fight for you or your family rights against the nursing home. Generally, you have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit in Nevada.

What Other Injuries Occur in Nursing Homes?

There are two other types of injuries that may occur in long-term care facilities. Workers may be hurt on the job in many different ways. One of the most common ways that workers can be injured is when someone is using an improper two-person lift. Additionally, nursing home visitors can be injured while visiting their loved ones. Slip and fall incidents are one common example.

Rather you are a nursing home resident, a worker or just a visitor, if you have been injured at a nursing home, then you need to contact a personal injury lawyer. We will be glad to help you solve your situation while getting the care that you need.