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When you slip on a wet floor, trip over boxes or fall in a shop, you have the option of suing for your medical bills and pain and suffering. Working with an injury lawyer can help you decide whether to go to court or settle out of court.

Decide Whether to Settle After a Slip and Fall

A slip and fall is a type of accident that usually occurs because of the negligence of a store owner or people working in that store. You may trip over unattended boxes, slide across a freshly mopped floor or slip on broken items. The injuries you sustain can include broken bones or even a concussion. A lawyer can help you decide whether to settle a case against that store outside of court.

Filing a Lawsuit

Filing a lawsuit is usually the first step that you take after a slip and fall. Your lawyer will work to find evidence that shows the store is at fault for your injuries, including witnesses who were on the scene and security footage taken by the store. The lawyer will also help you decide on the amount to sue for, which will cover both your mental anguish and emotional suffering as well as your medical bills.

When to Settle a Case

A personal injury lawyer will generally recommend that you settle a case if you do not have enough evidence. The lawyer may also recommend settling when you have serious injuries and need cash quickly to pay your medical bills. Many larger chains will offer a settlement before the case goes to court. Those chains may offer a set figure to cover your medical bills and any other bills you have. You and your lawyer can then offer to settle for a larger amount to get the money you need.

Slip and Fall Settlements

Many shops would prefer settling a slip and fall case outside of court because they do not want the negative publicity. You can use this in your favor to settle a case faster. Settling your case may help you get compensation faster without going through a lengthy court battle first.