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Did you know that annually, Las Vegas hosts more than 45 million visitors from all over the world? This makes Vegas one of the most popular destinations for tourists in the United States of America! While everyone should be able to have a great time in Vegas, staying safe is equally as important as having fun, and this includes driving safely after enjoying drinks.

There are numerous ways to safely travel in the Las Vegas area if you’ve been drinking. From public transportation and taxis to rideshare enterprises, people who choose to come cut loose, and Las Vegas has plenty of options available. However, some people seem to be determined to make poor decisions. Every day, dozens of intoxicated people will choose to get behind the wheel, regardless of their many other transportation options.

Indeed, drunk driving automobile accidents occur continuously in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. As such, drunk driving remains a serious issue to public safety in Nevada. In this guide, the car accident lawyer team at Moss Berg Injury Law will highlight some of the most sobering drunk driving statistics to help encourage everyone to stay safe on the road.

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Understanding the Spectrum of the Drunk Driving Issue
Based on statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 100 people are killed in drunk driving accidents every year in the state of Nevada. That’s not to count the many thousands of accidents occurring annually. In these accidents, numerous innocent victims suffer from serious injuries. This is unfortunate, considering that drunk driving accidents are entirely avoidable. This is especially true in cosmopolitan cities like Las Vegas, where it is easy to take an Uber, Lyft, taxi cab, or shuttle.

Las Vegas Drunk Driving Facts and Statistics
In 2014, drunk driving accidents claimed nearly 10,000 lives. Drunk driving is responsible for more than one-third of all fatalities from automobile accidents in the United States. Although stricter laws have recently been introduced, drunk driving continues to be a serious issue in the US. In fact, some estimates suggest that someone is killed by a drunk driver once every hour.

Drunk driving accidents killed over 1,000 children under 14 in 2014. Half of these accidents involved passengers in the same vehicle with the intoxicated driver. In Nevada, 1.8% of drivers admit that they had too much to drink before getting behind the wheel. Nationally, it’s calculated that 121 million alcohol-impaired driving happen every year.

Due to these sobering statistics, injury attorneys in Nevada and law enforcement agencies in Las Vegas have taken a hard stance in opposition to drunk driving. This means that the courts are cracking down on drunk drivers, and they take DUI accidents very seriously! Nevada has also introduced a ‘Vision Zero’ initiative to prevent automobile fatalities in the state. Many other agencies are also making efforts to stop drunk driving in Nevada.

Measures to prevent drunk driving include increased checkpoints and retributions. In 2014, Las Vegas officers arrested 4,500 and charged them with DUI. Many studies indicate that arrest rates have risen since then and that law enforcement officials are working harder than ever to keep Nevada’s citizens and roads safe.

Drunk Driving Accidents Take Place at All Hours

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Visitors to Las Vegas should keep in mind that drunk driving is not something that only takes place late at night. Intoxicated drivers could be on the road in the middle of the day or even in the early morning. One of the biggest problems in Las Vegas is that many facilities that serve alcohol are open 24 hours a day. The highest number of DUI accidents in Las Vegas occur during brunch hours, which are between 9 AM and 3 PM.

Innocent Victims Often Suffer Most
Drunk driving accidents and DUI collisions affect more than just the people behind the wheel. In most cases, the victims injured the most severely are the ones in the vehicle with the intoxicated driver. However, other casualties are common. From DUI pedestrian accidents to collisions involving those in vehicles where everyone is sober, no one is safe with drunk drivers on the road.

Staying Safe if You Suspect a Drunk Driver

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If you are driving in the Las Vegas area and notice someone operating a vehicle erratically, you should do everything you can to stay safe. Therefore, if you notice a drunk or intoxicated driver, go ahead and give them as much space as possible. Remember, drowsy drivers can be just as dangerous as drunk drivers. Since many people stay up all night in Las Vegas, tired drivers are often on the road in the early morning hours. Render anyone driving unusually plenty of space on the road to help prevent an accident and protect yourself and those in your vehicle.

About The Negligence of Drunk Driving in Las Vegas
Here in Nevada, drunk driving is negligent driving. The state of Nevada is a fault-based jurisdiction in terms of automobile insurance. This means that the party who causes an automobile accident will almost always be held accountable for any harm that occurs as a result. Accordingly, if a drunk driver causes an automobile accident in Las Vegas, they are legally liable for any injuries or damages.

DUI Drivers are Usually Found At Fault
In the case of most drunk driving accidents, criminal charges will also be filed against the driver who was intoxicated. Intoxicated drivers are almost always held legally liable for car accidents, and civil claims can also be pursued against drunk drivers who cause car crashes. Even if the charges are dismissed or dropped, certain types of evidence can be used to prove fault when it comes to DUI accidents in Nevada.

Some of the evidence used to prove that a driver was intoxicated may include:

  • A police report
  • Arrest records
  • Criminal convictions
  • Evidence from a criminal trial
  • Statements from eyewitnesses
  • Testimony from a third party
  • Toxicology reports in blood tests
  • Photographs or videos of the accident

Penalties for Drunk Driving in Nevada
In Nevada, first-time DUI offenders may get up to six months in jail and can receive a fine of up to $1,000. Their licenses can also be suspended for 90 days at a minimum. If a third offense occurs, a driver can be sentenced to up to six years in prison and fined up to $5,000. Also, their licenses can be suspended for up to three years.

What to Do After a Drunk Driving Accident In Las Vegas
Dealing with serious injuries after a DUI accident can be challenging. This is especially true if you were hurt in Las Vegas because of a drunk driver and live out of state. Those who were injured in situations like this can still seek compensation for their pain and suffering. Nevada permits plaintiffs in DUI accident cases to recover intangible damages and monetary losses. Whether you lived in Las Vegas at the time of an accident or were simply visiting, injury lawyers in Las Vegas, Nevada, can assist you.

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