by tfarino



How to Get Relief After a Dog Bite in Nevada

One of the many types of cases injury lawyers handle are related to dog bite injuries. Although Nevada lacks a specific dog bite law, negligent owners can face civil liability if a bite is serious enough. Despite such laws, many owners fail to restrain their dogs properly. Las Vegas, for example, restricts leashed dogs’ access to high-traffic areas like the Strip during certain hours, but many smaller municipalities lack leash laws.

When Is an Owner Liable?

The situations that make a pet owner liable for the behavior of an aggressive dog include the animal biting someone, especially after a previous history of biting; the failure to keep the dog under control; and the violation of any municipal laws regarding dog ownership. In many cases, a dog has a history of biting and other aggressive behavior that has gone unchecked. When an owner continually gets away with not restraining his or her dog, the consequences could be devastating.

What Damages Are Possible to Recover?

Owner negligence can result in punitive damages, pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses. The injuries that dog bites can cause often lead to a long recovery period and a lot of personal disruption. When a dog attack results in a loved one’s death, a wrongful death suit is also possible.

What Steps to Take

Pursuing a third-party civil liability suit may be a way to obtain relief after a dog attack. However, this is an action that most people would not undertake without an attorney’s advice. Enlisting the help of a lawyer is one of the best ways to ensure that the case goes forward without missing anything important.