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When retail locations fail to maintain safe properties, slip and fall accidents can result. As you visit stores this holiday season, keep in mind what personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas Nevada, recommend doing after you fall at a store. Taking the right steps could improve your chance of recovering compensation for your injuries. 

Premises Liability

The legal foundation for your accident claim arises from the concept of premises liability. Business and property owners have a legal duty to provide their customers and visitors with reasonably safe and hazard-free environments. The law obligates every store to repair physical hazards that could cause people to trip, fall, or otherwise get hurt. 

If unsafe issues cannot be immediately fixed, customers should be warned and prevented from approaching dangerous areas. If management knew about the problem that hurt you, or should have known, the store might face your injuries’ financial responsibility. A lack of staff does not excuse a store from taking corrective and preventive action. 

Examples of Slip and Fall Hazards

Because society expects stores to keep their public areas safe, most people are not filled with fear when entering businesses. Long grocery lists and decisions about what gifts to buy will occupy your mind more than worries about flooring during the holidays. Even though you have made thousands of shopping trips without incident, the chance remains that something could go wrong. A permanent problem like a broken step could trip you, or you could fall victim to a temporary hazard like an extension cord laid across an aisle floor. 

Common sources of slip and fall accidents:las vegas injury law

  • Liquids on floors
  • Top-heavy product displays that fall
  • Messy restrooms with paper towels littering the floor
  • Boxes or pallets in aisles
  • Uneven floor surfaces
  • Slippery floor wax products

You may also be exposed to danger when a store is crowded and overcapacity. You could get jostled or shoved until you fall. 

Premises liability extends to sidewalks and parking lots outside of stores too. Debris on a walkway or in a parking lot could trip you. Inadequate lighting could cause you to step in a pothole. Although ice and snow are rare in Las Vegas, a slippery patch on a cold night could lead to a disastrous fall for you. 

What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

  1. Report the Accident to the Store Manager

You must inform the business about your accident. Insist that the manager makes a written report. This document will be vitally important to prove that you were hurt at that location. Without the accident report, the business might attempt to deny your claim. 

When making a report, you can also ask if the store’s video surveillance system captured your fall. A personal injury lawyer could request this evidence.

Do not make a statement to the store manager beyond saying that you fell and what you think caused it. Any details you offer about yourself may be used by the store’s insurer to undermine your claim for damages. 

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  1. Try to Figure Out What Made You Fall

A sudden fall can leave you dazed and in pain. If possible, try to identify what happened. The object or surface that made you slip may be readily apparent. 

  1. Take Pictures and Talk to Witnesses

Even if you are not sure about what happened, take pictures of the accident location with your mobile phone. The images will probably capture the cause of your accident. Strong visual evidence might prove useful if the store fights your claim with the open and obvious defense. Cases of personal injury Las Vegas involving premises liability are sometimes vulnerable to this defense because customers must avoid hazards that everyone should notice. 

Additionally, you, or your companion, can ask for witnesses’ statements and get their contact information. Their testimony could confirm your version of events. injury attorneys

  1. Get Medical Care

Slip and fall accidents frequently inflict soft-tissue injuries, broken bones, and head trauma. You will likely need immediate medical care. When health care workers treat you, ask them to make thorough notes about your condition and your accident location. 

  1. Write Down What You Remember

Personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas Nevada, advise people to write down what happened as soon as possible after an accident. You can record a video if you prefer, but the point is to capture your perception of the accident while your memory is fresh. When questioned about the case, you can refer to your record and avoid mixing up details or forgetting something. 

  1. Seek Legal Advice

Who bears financial responsibility for your injuries may not be obvious. A personal injury lawyer can investigate whether you should seek compensation from the business, landlord, or franchise. An attorney can also inform you of legal deadlines for pursuing compensation. 

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Our personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas Nevada, can locate insurance coverage, manage thorough investigations, and negotiate settlements that fully reflect the financial toll of your slip and fall. We have the resources to represent you against powerful adversaries, like large retail chains. Schedule a meeting with a personal injury lawyer today. 

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