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After a dog aggressively attacks, legal services can be pursued if there is enough evidence to support a case.

How to Build a Case After You’re Attacked by a Dog

Nearly 4.5 million people are bitten in typical neighborhoods by dogs each year. You should educate yourself so that you’ll be prepared in case a domestic pet bites.

Crucial Steps

Medical attention will be needed immediately after a dog attacks you because a typical bite could give you rabies or a virus. However, before traveling to a doctor’s office, contact the local police department so that the officers can file a report. The evidence that’s included in this report could help a personal injury attorney negotiate more efficiently with the insurance company.

Strategic Procedures

If possible, gather information about the dog and the owner. You’ll need the owner’s name, address and insurance policy information. The most important information that you’ll need about the dog is the breed. You may have a better chance of winning your case if you were attacked by a dog breed that is known for being aggressive. If you can’t travel to the owner’s house because the injury affects your mobility, ask someone else to handle these tasks. Proper photos could benefit you if they’re taken strategically. The goal is to snap crisp shots of the injured area. This task shouldn’t be delayed because you’ll need good shots of the bites while they’re fresh.

Importance Considerations

Many things are considered during lawsuits that involve dog attacks, and certain issues can affect the final results. For example, if you provoked the dog, you may not win the case because your behavior made the animal attack. Also, you may not get a settlement if you’re bitten on a property that has a “Beware of Dog” sign.